Horizontal Stocking Tank


LT Horizontal tank specification

Please refer to the table below for current product specifications.

Name Model Specification(mm)
LT-1000L 1250 x 990 x (H)1050
LT-2000L 1250 x 1470 x (H)1390
LT-3000L 2000 x 1520 x (H)1580
LT-5000L 1800 x 1200 x (H)3300
LT-15000L 2000 x 1260 x (H)5500
LT-20000L 2870 x (H)4120
LT-30000L 2870 x (H)5900
LT-40000L 3200 x (H)5600
LT-50000L 3200 x (H)6790

Product Features:

Using imported PE material, rolling one-shot molding, with cart, flexible and convenient to move, the product has good impact resistance and anti-corrosion performance, the surface is smooth, no dead angle is easy to clean. Suitable for storage and loading in food, aquaculture, printing and other industries.

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