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Identify the safety of plastic containers

2022-01-19 09:53 629


With the advancement of urbanization, the food processing industry has developed rapidly. Especially in food production, plastic products are widely used. Plastic containers for various foods can be seen everywhere. There are various kinds of food counters in supermarkets. The beautifully designed packaging is designed to attract the attention of consumers and evoke consumer desires. But is the plastic container for food safe? How to buy plastic water tanks for food? What should you look at when purchasing goods in peacetime? Which ones can be reused and which ones are not? Let me introduce you to the following.



First, it is not suitable for high-temperature plastic containers; we know that plastic industrial raw materials, which are chemical substances, can dissolve and release harmful substances under high temperature and special conditions, so if plastic is seen in the market, When the container has the words PE or PET on it, you should pay attention to the fact that the container is afraid of high temperature, so it should be stored at room temperature.


Second, plastic containers that can be recycled; in plastic products, there are fewer types that can be recycled and reused, but PP is a special type. This type of text can often be seen on the lunch box of a microwave oven, and now In the kitchen utensils such as rice cookers, there are PP instructions that can be used carefully at high temperatures. Keep them clean and reuse.


Third, the plastic container that releases toxic substances in case of alkali; its word is PS, you should know about these common sense when you buy it. It should be noted that PS plastic containers are often found in foam boxes or fast food boxes. Although it can be insulated and heated, it is not suitable for high temperature and strong alkaline environment. Otherwise, it can easily release carcinogens, which is very harmful to human body. big.

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