Medicine Tank



Dosing box specifications

Please refer to the table below for current product specifications.

Name Model Specification(mm)
Diameter Total height
KC-30L 300×300 350
KC-40L 340×390 410
KC-50L 280×380 550
KC-80L 340×390 690
KC-120L 375×430 790
KC-200L 565×565 790
MC-40L 315 418
MC-80L 460 610
MC-100L 460 795
MC-120L 510×570 730
MC-180L 510×570 970
MC-200L 580 960
MC-500L 790 1170
MC-1000L 1020 1460
MC-1500L 1320 1430
MC-2000L 1320 1740
MC-3000L 1584 2000


1. Tough texture: Polyethyline food grade Korean LLDPE is used as the main raw material for rotational molding. It is light and tough, easy to handle, shockproof and impact resistant.
2, strong resistance to chemicals: excellent resistance to various types of acids and bases.
3, beautiful and easy to clean: the shape of the streamline is not easy to be dirty, can easily remove dirt.
4, long life: the barrel body is formed without joints, not easy to break.
5, heat and frost resistance: high temperature and freeze resistance, 80°C to minus 40°C can be used.
6, easy to customize: color specifications can be customized according to customer needs.
The top of the dosing box is equipped with a stirring and metering pump rib design. It is used for dosing and softening of water treatment and purification equipment, environmental protection, water softening system, dosing system and other industries.

Product acessories:

Mixer and metering pump, where the mixer has the following power options:

Product after sale:

1, the material used in the product is imported grade LLDPE material, acid and alkali resistant, food grade, in line with Chinese food hygiene testing standards.
2, the product has white, orange, blue, black and other colors, to choose from.
3, non-human factors, the product can be used for at least 5 years.
4, the product can provide certificates of conformity, Zhejiang health permit, test report and other documents.
5, if there are quality problems within one year (non-human and irresistible factors), 1 year free maintenance.

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